Local suppliers

Straight from Poland. Get to know our local suppliers that we have chosen during our culinary journey. Carefully selected by chef Adam Adamczak, farms with years of tradition provide Concordia Taste with the highest quality ingredients – fish, vegetables, and cheeses.


This place – as the name suggests – is surrounded by lakes, where a fish farm is located. Fresh fish is caught nearly every day, and that is precisely why we decided to source our eel and pike-perch from Jeziorownia. You will find these fish in our a la carte menu, as well as their seasonal variations proposed by the head chef.

Asparagus from Greater Poland

During our trip to Poland, we discovered a family farm run by the Kącki family. This is where we source our asparagus and seasonal vegetables, grown in a location with over a 100-year tradition of farming. The vegetables from this farm are GlobalGAP certified, ensuring that we serve only the best from Poland.


From the pond straight to the table – that’s the motto of Zielenica, a Great Polish fishing farm that supplies Concordia Taste with trout. We were convinced! What else? The hot-smoked trout has been honored with the “Appreciate Poland” title. You’ll find the full-flavored and mouth-watering fish from Zielenica in our a’la carte menu.


The true taste and respect for tradition, the proximity of the milk producer who takes the utmost care of their breeding – all of it makes the cheeses from this place a real delight for taste buds. “Siwy Kazik”, Dutch style cheese or traditional homemade cheese – you can taste these products by choosing the selection of cheeses from our menu.

Kaszubian Goat Farm

“Kozia rura”, “Knopek,” or “Kozia babka.” Sounds strange? For us – they are very familiar! They are local cheeses from the “Kaszubska Koza” dairy, which supplies goat cheese to Concordia Taste from its own goats. Each of the cheeses has been tested by Adam Adamczak, which perfectly complements the dishes from the menu.”


This is a producer from Greater Poland of unique and organic edible plants. At Concordia Taste, we understand the saying “we eat with our eyes” which is why we pay great attention to ensuring that our guests’ plates are crafted to perfection. This task is made easier by the flowers we source from Moni Ekoflora. The plants not only look beautiful, but we can also be sure that no artificial fertilizers or chemicals were used in their cultivation.


As it is well known, Wielkopolska is all about potatoes. That’s why we only take the best potatoes! That’s why Adam Adamczak chose Hodowla Zamarte, whose potatoes – thanks to their persistent work and passion – are among the leaders in Poland and Europe. In Zamarte, we use several selected potato varieties, which is why even potato dishes with quark are a masterpiece in our restaurant!

Antonius Caviar

Antonius Caviar is a symbol of tradition and modernity, born from the passion of Antoni Łakomiak and his own sturgeon farms. Craftsmanship and a respect for nature allow for the highest quality caviar, combining heritage with innovation. Every detail is carefully considered through collaboration with experts in various fields, ensuring that the caviar is not only exceptional in taste, but also sustainable. We invite you to discover this unique story through a tasting of our caviar, which is the essence of the producer’s passion and tradition.

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