Sparkling Thursdays with Polish wine

Ahead of us lies summer, a wonderful, sun-filled season full of joy and carefree moments. We know that you will probably travel, seeking rest both in the country and abroad. But don’t forget about us and our Thursdays with Polish wine 🙂 Especially since in the coming months, we will devote a lot of attention to Polish sparkling wines!


4.07 – Vineyards of Western Pomerania – Mirosław Krasnowski

11.07 – Gostchorze Vineyard – Guillaume Dubois 25.07 – Margaret Vineyard – Michał Przytuła


22.08 – Kępa Wiślicka Vineyard – Jacek Chrobak

29.08- Saint Vincent Vineyard – Michał Popiołek

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